Along the path

As I was getting my personalized tour of the small Oklahoma town where my Dad recently moved, we entered mule country apparently.  Back road travels generally offer sights that city girls don’t see too often. 2016-02-13-Wynnewood-26Notice the dachshund is running to catch up while the horse inside the fence tries to engage the passersby.  As they passed he turned and shook his head seemingly frustrated that he couldn’t go with them. 2016-02-13-Wynnewood-27The dachshund  was not talking much but was sure interested.

2016-02-13-Wynnewood-29This wagon, which is similar to the Sooner Schooner, is frequently in the local parades and, in order to keep the mules in practice plus enjoy gorgeous days, they go out for an afternoon stroll occasionally.


The other end of the wagon has signs that say “mule lovers are stable people” and “caution your entering mule country” while the family dog quietly lays down and peeks out of the doors that are open.


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