Full Frame

My Dad got a cool new toy today.  A full frame camera!


Notice the extra pairs of legs under the chair? My cat was supervising…as usual.

Also today my Mom’s headstone arrived at the monument company where I ordered it so I went to view it and it looks just as my brother and I requested.  The company hopes the ground will dry out enough to install it by the end of next week.

It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve shared anything on this blog.  In some ways that’s because I’m too exhausted from my work to do anything else but I know it’s also because my Mom isn’t here to comment and share with me.  I suppose in some illogical way I think that by not doing my genealogy research or not taking and sharing my photos that I can keep my sadness suppressed.  But enough of that.

What has been happening?  Over the past few months we’ve had some snow days; Keith installed fabulous pullout basket-type drawers in our kitchen; celebrated my brother-in-law’s birthday; finalized more of Mom’s affairs; completed the extremely fun income tax return; finished 3/4 of an online genealogy class; got accepted in a week long genealogy class that I’ll take this summer; escaped another tornado; ordered a new dishwasher; a company finally started building a new house on the lot just south of us (the previous house was destroyed in the May 20, 2013 tornado); and lots of every day things.

There, a full frame view.


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I love collecting family stories and photos.

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  1. Do you have “Lens Envy” now?


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