Snow & Sprinkles

It’s snowing today.


The snow from the cat’s perspective.

Friday my kids turned 22!  Since both of them were busy all day, I planned on baking a cake for them within the next few days.  It turned out that Travis got off work much earlier than expected.  So, I  made a blueberry mug cake for him and put some ice cream on top with a candle. He made a wish, blew out the candle and ate every drop of his birthday dessert.

Kelsey unhesitatingly requested a Funfetti birthday cake.  Travis had no preference until I mentioned the Funfetti cake and then he said “Yes, those are awesome!”  Now I realize that all those colorful sprinkles are very festive looking but I don’t care for the boxed Funfetti cakes.  Since I wanted to please them and it wasn’t my birthday, I compromised by making the recipe I found for homemade Funfetti cake at Sally’s Baking Addiction.   With more sprinkles on top and the squiggly candles, it really does look festive…and the cake was good.



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  1. It just doesn’t seem possible the S and D team are 22 years old. Love ’em so much.


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