Firmly Planted

When we moved in to our house years ago there were 4 trees in the front yard.  We cut one down because it was in an awkward spot; we lost one to an ice storm; one got diseased and was dying so we cut it down; and the May 20 tornado took our last one.

Today, we had a Chinese Pistachio tree planted in our front yard!  It looks like they did a nice job firmly planting it.  Of course, it’s dormant now but we look forward to seeing it mature.


Note the port-a-potty in our neighbor’s front yard.  These were placed throughout our neighborhood after the May 20 tornado due to workers’ needs and continues to be a need.


You can see in the background that the houses are getting repaired and rebuilt. What few trees remain in the neighborhood are very broken from the winds.


Again you can see our in the background the new construction and notice our new street light.  Our street lights were just recently installed in our neighborhood.  I had forgotten how bright they are at night!

I’m pretty excited about seeing the beauty this tree brings to our yard.


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  1. Awesome. It’s great to see the signs of rebuilding there.


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