Photoblogging – to do or not

The first five days into this year have passed and I just haven’t decided whether I want to continue this blog.  Since I started it, it seems I’ve done fewer entries in my genealogy blog and I don’t like that but it’s simply easier to post something from the last day or two than researching about a person I know nothing about.  Yet, I want to do both.  Last year I briefly considered posting to this blog only if or when I shot a photo of interest but I decided not to do it that way because I feared I would not do it with enough regularity.  However, sometimes when I post a photo or two on facebook or instagram in the moment and then want to later post it here, it’s old news.  Humpf!  So, what to do.

In the process of selecting photos for this post, I cleaned up my iPhone photo albums, stream and dropbox only to realize, too late, that I deleted some before I saved them to my computer.  So, that means I only have those that I had already shared.  Oh well, for now, this is my decision.  Post these while I think on it.  Feedback is always nice and welcome.








About kbea831

I love collecting family stories and photos.

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