50|2013 Two Days (December 30 & 31, 2013)

At the beginning of the year it took me a few weeks to decide how to set up the blog for the year.  Consequently, this is my 50th (not 52nd) post on this blog for 2013.

The last two days of this year were good days spent around the house and with my husband.  One of the things we did was shop for a new chair.  So many of the chairs just didn’t seem to fit one or both of us.


Finally, we found a chair that fits the space we have.  It has a small footprint and allows someone to visit with those in the kitchen and dining room.   The one we found swivels.


The seat turns without increasing the footprint of the chair.  As a bonus, Purrkins is a lovely accessory for it.  We also got 2 matching barstools that swivel.  

Looking back over the last 12 months the things that stand out include:

  • Several good vacations with Keith
  • Updates to our lake place
  • A genealogy trip with my Mom to Virginia and North Carolina
  • Reconnected with my Dad after 18 years apart
  • Our neighborhood destroyed by the May 20 tornado yet our home miraculously sustained relatively minor damages.

There are many more things I did, people I spent time with, things that I learned this past year.

It’s a new day for new things.


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I love collecting family stories and photos.

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  1. Good times.


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