49|2013 All Together (December 23 – 29, 2013)

In August Travis got a new, to him, car then in October he was involved in a car wreck when someone hit him.  The insurance company gave him a check to get the car repaired and Travis had to get on a waiting list with an auto body shop to get an estimate.  Finally, the auto body shop started figuring out the cost to repair the car and soon surpassed the value of the car so the insurance company declared it a total loss and on December 22 paid off the loan to the bank.  That same day Travis made all the financial arrangements to get a new car then he and Keith went car shopping that evening and settled on 2011 Honda CR Z.  Since the insurance company had a final check to get to Travis the deal on the car wouldn’t be finalized until Friday.  Then the next day, Christmas Eve morning, the insurance company hand delivered to Travis the final check.  So, Travis was able to get his replacement car on Christmas Eve day.

20131224_0022Around dinner time on Christmas Eve our extended family came to our house.  We enjoyed good food and good company.  For our gift exchange this  year we used Elfster to draw names.  It is a free, online tool that draws names according to restrictions you establish, such as a wife can’t draw her spouse’s name.  Then participants can add a wish list that links to sites such as amazon.  Participants can email anonymously or not and have group conversations similar to facebook.  I think we all liked it and we plan on using it again.  We also played the white elephant game which added more laughter to our time together.

20131224_0025For the first time in many years my father joined us on these special days marking this as a very special year.   Christmas day we had a smaller get together and had a wonderful prime rib dinner.  Our Christmas week was a joy!20131225_0023

Keith snapped this photo of the cleaning crew and I’m showing off the Christmas present he gave me, a journey diamond necklace.


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  1. It was a very nice week – memorable for many reasons.


  2. Is it any wonder why I love my family so much?


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