45|2013 Thanksgiving Weekend (November 25 – December 1, 2013)

A few highlights from this Thanksgiving week:

  • My family was together on Thanksgiving Day and this was the first time since 1995 that my father was with us.
  • Everyone made or brought something making it a wonderful meal that was devoured in minutes.
  • My mother-in-law and father-in-law celebrated their one-year anniversary on the first of December.
  • Friday after Thanksgiving Keith and I borrowed his step-father’s motor coach and took a vacation to Broken Bow.

We left for our vacation early Friday morning and had an uneventful drive.  We found a nice spot where we sat up the motor coach and since we still had a couple of hours of daylight we visited Girls Gone Wine, a nearby winery, and sampled a few wines.

Saturday we drove all around the area and stopped at many places to admire the scenery and wander around taking pictures.





Enjoying our campfire on a cool fall evening.

Sunday I watched some ducks swimming in the lake and we enjoyed feeding the squirrels at our campsite.



By mid-morning we headed to Arkansas where we played in the dirt at the Crater of Diamonds.  We got some tips from a woman who found a 28 point white diamond just the day before but we didn’t find anything.  Instead, we left plenty for others to find.


Keith returning the diamond hunting equipment.

Monday we packed up and got an early start home.  Along the way the outer back tire on the driver’s side blew out and Keith limped it 25 or so miles to a nearby town and thankfully they had a tire in stock to replace it.  With nearly a 4 hour pitstop to take care of the tire we made it home safe and sound by dark.


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