24|2013 Over the 4th (July 1 – 7, 2013)

We added a couple of days to our holiday to get 5 days off and my Dad joined us at our lake place.  Keith and some of his friends spent July 4th on the lake while my Dad and I stayed indoors and visited.  Over the remaining days we painted our front porch and replaced a few windows to help increase our energy efficiency.

Keith's pic

Keith’s pic

Last year, while touring Charleston, South Carolina, a tour guide said that it was common practice to paint the porch ceilings a sky blue because it helps keep the wasps away since they think it’s part of the sky and won’t build a nest there.  That is a southern tradition and while I find it hard to fully believe, we like blue and it’s worth a try.  (Interestingly, on the Sherwin-Williams site is a post on “The Whys Behind the Blue Porch Ceiling“)


Now that it’s all painted we love how the colors give a ‘tropical’ feel.  The sky blue color of the ceiling makes it feel so much cooler, cleaner and more open.  It always amazes how much impact fresh paint makes.


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