22|2013 Advancing (June 17 – 23, 2013)

Finally we made significant advances on our yard cleanup.  Large debris removal was completed to the north of us on our street this week, which resulted in the humongous pile in our neighbor’s yard being hauled off.

Keith and I took a day of vacation on Friday and worked in our yard cleaning up and a nice group from the Ohio area visited Moore to volunteer and we reaped the benefits of their help.  So, now our yard has finally been mowed for the first time since the tornado.  Keith cut it really low so we can see even more debris that needs to be picked up.  It is amazing how much glass, nails and other metal objects were in our yard.


Saturday was my husband’s and my mother’s birthday!  Sometime after age 21 birthdays take on a different level of excitement and by the time you advance past 50 they take on yet another level of excitement.

Sunday we attended my brother-in-law’s wedding and while I was visiting with my mother and daughter I remembered a generational photo I saw a few months ago that I thought was interesting so we replicated it.

2013-06-23 hands


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