21|2013 Memorable Moments (June 10 – 16, 2013)

Most weeks have events that are memorable and this week had several.

Tuesday, June 11, we got a new truck tonight that replaces the one the tornado ruined.

Wednesday, June 12, our next door neighbor’s tornado damaged house that was razed today.

2011-06-11 truck

Our new truck (parked in our neighbor’s driveway) and in the background is our neighbor’s razed house.

Thursday, June 13, The repair to our roof was complete, the brick was cleaned and the soffits and other wood areas were painted.

Saturday, June 15, Keith and I had a nice weekend at the lake, got the boat out for the first time this season and enjoyed the company.  My nephew got to drive a boat for the first time.


Sunday, June 16, I spent father’s day with my Dad, husband, brother and nephew was a wonderful and memorable time.


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  1. Gonna make an Old Salt out of that boy yet!


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