11|2013 Removing Limbs (April 6, 2013)

In Kingston you can rent a genie boom by the day and that’s what Keith did in order to get high enough up to reach the limbs on the trees that were dying or limiting the sunshine.  We’ve been trying to get the grass to grow in our grove area at the lake for years and last year we bought sod and seed hoping to have more success.  We think it’s looking pretty good and hope to get it even better.  Saturday morning before Keith began removing the limbs on the trees this is what the grove looked like:


Kelsey and Scotty came down with their dogs and played with them in the grove while there was plenty of room.  Eventually, the entire front yard and grove were littered with piles of tree limbs.  While Keith and Scotty played lumberjack, Kelsey and I thoroughly cleaned the original home (aka ‘south 40’).

It was wonderful to spend time with Kelsey and Scotty and I would love to have them down more often.  Included here are some photos of the day.

Below is a panoramic view of the yard toward the end of the day, I think it looks pretty overwhelming and can hardly wait until it’s beautiful again.  The next several weekends we’ll be cleaning up all the limbs.  Thankfully, a friend wants a lot of wood so he’s going to come down with a 16′ flatbed trailer and take as much as he can and the rest we’ll burn or stack for bonfires.

I’m hoping the sunshine will now reach the ground to produce more grass so we’ll have a thick, green carpet of grass instead of lots of loose dirt.



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