10|2013 Our Journeys (March 30, 2013)

At some point something must have been glued to the side of the shower and it got ripped off leaving an unsightly spot.  Last weekend Keith put 2 coats of primer on it and one top coat but since it was so humid he had to finish painting this weekend.  These two photos, taken with my iPhone, show the before and after one top coat, it looks much better now.


Last year we took our analog TV to the lake place and, using a converter box and rabbit ears were able to get good reception.  I want to be able to hook up to my iPad to watch movies and show my photos but that requires a different set up.  So, we bought a digital TV and thankfully it was on sale.  We get 6 TV channels now and all you have to use is one remote instead of 3 to operate it.  When I download my photos to my iPad I just plug it into the TV and all my photos are visible on the big, sleek screen!

Keith getting ready to install the TV in the den

Keith getting ready to install the TV in the den

We took a trip into Durant this weekend, which requires us to drive across the narrow and long Roosevelt bridge (built in 1942, it is the longest highway span bridge in Oklahoma).  That bridge allows us to go places we might otherwise not reach.  Interestingly, events of my week are beautifully symbolized by this bridge.  Notice how low the lake is right now; we definitely appreciate the rain we’ve been getting.


It’s a shame that I didn’t take any photos with my camera to get more pleasing photos.  Maybe next weekend.

More information on the Roosevelt Bridge:


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