50|52 A Wee Bit Early (Dec 10-16, 2012)

Most people have traditions involving specific foods at special times of the year, like Christmas time, and one of ours has become making and eating Aunt Bill’s candy.  When you make a double batch it requires two people to stir and pour. The picture below is of Keith watching the candy thermometer for just the right temperature.


A few days later we had our family Christmas early because Kelsey will be in Montana over the holidays.  It will be the first time that we won’t all be together on Christmas.

One of the fun things for our kids has been the silly things in the stockings and this year was no exception.  They had their expected chocolate coins and a silly sucker that when you put it in your mouth looks like a character’s mouth.  Kelsey’s was Rudolph and Travis’ was the abominable snowman.  Then Travis put Keith’s gift in a backpack so Keith enjoyed pulling everything out one at a time before he finally pulled his gift out.  It was fun to see Keith’s ‘excited’ expressions as he pulled each item out: a used notebook, a pen, a flyer, etc.  Finally he pulled out his gift.


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