29|52 The Coach’s New Home (July 16-22, 2012)

One main task for the weekend was to get the motorcoach to its new home at our lake place.  The motorcoach belongs to my mother-in-law’s boyfriend, Wes.  Friday evening Keith drove the coach to our lake place and parked it in the front yard.  First thing Sunday morning Keith got his chain saw and loppers out and began trimming some tree branches to make a space for the coach.


Soon Wes and Keith worked out a plan for who and how the coach would be backed into it’s new home.  Keith was the driver and Wes guided him.


Once the coach was in place, Wes gave various instructions to us including how to level it.  One day we may take it out for a trip and will need to know all the details.


Inside it is really something, it has all the amenities you would want.  It is truly a home on wheels.

Earlier this week both my kids were home at the same time for a few hours. That doesn’t happen very often these days and, of course, I treasure that and captured a quick photo of them.


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