21|52 Week 21 Already! (May 21-27, 2012)

Oh the mushrooms!  They are growing where one of our trees died in our backyard.  Here’s the atomic version with a spider on the side.


On Tuesday, May 22 when I came home from work Keith was sawing down our pine tree that’s been dying slowly.  He’s been trying to save it for the last few years but we’re afraid it’s starting to infect other trees with whatever disease it has.  When we first moved into our house in 1992 the tree was shorter than Keith so he would decorate it with Christmas lights.  I’m really sad to see it go.


Later that evening Keith and I attended the Moore Norman Technology Center graduation where our son graduated from the entrepreneurship program.  His name was displayed on the big screen indicating the he won first place in the DECCA contest earlier this year.


When we arrived at our lake home Friday night Keith sawed down another tree that’s been dead for several years.  I really think he was enjoying the power tool.  The following day he finished cutting and stacking it for firewood.


Saturday one of neighbor’s guests returned a rope he borrowed and when he backed out of our driveway he didn’t ‘ditch the ditch’.  Ooops!  Thankfully, a ranger happened by with all the right equipment to easily pull him out of the ditch.  No one was injured and the truck had no damage, which was was amazing.


Sitting on our front porch in the mornings listening and watching all the wildlife can be so peaceful.  One morning there was a hawk walking around and I didn’t get my camera ready quick enough.  I was more prepared for the squirrels and some birds.


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