19|52 One Saturday (May 6-12, 2012)

This weekend we, of course, went to our lake place but this time our daughter, her boyfriend and his dog joined us.  As Texas, the Great Dane, waited on the porch Purrkins starred at him probably wondering what the heck he was.  He is very sweet and very big.
What a look with his ears and eyes totally focused in the direction of some sound just outside the door.
A special treat in the Texoma area is candied pecans or almonds from the Texoma Peanut Inn. The choices are overwhelming. I think my favorite this time was the toffee crunch almonds or maybe it was the praline pecans or maybe it was the..
What would one of our weekends be if we didn’t have a fire?  This time we burned the brush at night and since it had rained it was especially helpful as we had some old cedar branches that burn rapidly. Sparks were flying!


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  1. I had Purrkins in my arms as Texas sniffed at him. Tex came around to the front end to sniff and the cat whacked him across the nose so quickly he never saw it coming. Put the cat back into the house. Did not want to be in the middle of an inter-species battle.


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