351|365 It’s Beginning To Take Shape (12/21/11)

About noon today I finally worked up the determination to go shopping and then made a few goodies tonight.  Every little step is getting me closer to being finished.  I still have to decorate the 50 Oreo Truffles and 65 Rum Balls.  It’s amazing how wonderful Oreos and cream cheese dipped in chocolate taste!  I’m anxious to taste the completed rum balls.


Of note today:  We learned tonight that my great Aunt Rubye died yesterday.  My Mom has always spoken so highly of Aunt Rubye and indicated she was still quite perky when she visited with her near her 104th birthday this summer.


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I love collecting family stories and photos.

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  1. Aunt Rubye was my favorite aunt. She was always so upbeat, positive and welcoming and just seemed fully genuine in her humanity. As I grew into adulthood I learned to appreciate most of my aunts and uncles but I never outgrew my childhood sense that Rubye genuinely loved all of her nieces and nephews and love fosters love.


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