340|365 Faucet or Spigot (12/10/11)


As I listen to the sound of Keith hammering, my mother-in-law cooking and the music to “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, I’m trying to concentrate on what to tell you about my day and today’s picture.

I completed several items on my to do list but I didn’t do them with vigor. I seem to be in a ‘do little to nothing’ mode. Meanwhile Keith is busy making the frames for the screens all around the front porch.

I found it fascinating to think about whether to refer to today’s picture to be of a faucet, spigot, or tap. Anyway, today’s photo is of the faucet (or whatever term you prefer) that is among the leaves and trees by the side of our place here at the lake. I thought the colors and shapes were interesting.


About kbea831

I love collecting family stories and photos.

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