327|365 And The Results Are In (11/27/11)

You may be curious to see the work Keith and I have been doing at our lake place.  So, I thought I’d share some of what we accomplished this week.


Keith got the framework installed all around the front porch so he can screen it in, add the door and finish the steps. His saw gave out last night so he didn’t get any more work done on it today.  We’ll have to paint the skirting but we haven’t decided on the color.


I really appreciate the new sink, faucet and sprayer.  When you have to wash the dishes by hand it really helps to have a nice sink.  The stove was in our home but we took it to the lake when we bought a new one. It works and we aren’t frightened that it will catch on fire like we were the other one. The kitchen looks pretty sparse right now because the countertop has to dry more since Keith applied another coat of the special countertop paint.


The dark paneling has been painted and the curtains have been made. Our furniture is mostly hand-me-downs but they are comfy and I still have to decorate.

Also, this week we had a huge root ball cut out of the sewer line and we had several leaks in our roof and have made arrangements to have a new roof installed soon.  All in all we feel good about the progress we made on the place this week.  We’re sore and exhausted.  It’s good to be home.


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