317|365 Just a Slice, or Two (11/17/11)


Pizza isn’t food I’ve always liked or known about. I don’t really recall much about pizza until I was in junior high school when a friend ordered a ‘garbage pizza’.  I could hardly fathom that. Crazy, now I can eat it every week.

Of note: Tuesday’s the day that my newest nephew will probably be born.  I’m so excited!


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  1. My first pizza was from an Italian restaurant called Sussy’s on North Lincoln near what is now I-44. It was my junior prom and people had been raving about pizza, so some one ordered it to be delivered to Capitol Hill High School cafeteria where the dance was held. By the time it arrived (pre-warming bags) the pizza was cold and totally unimpressive. I couldn’t fathom why people like it at all – let alone raved about it. Sometime later, a group of us decided to give Sussy’s a try since the rave reviews for pizza kept coming. When I finally had it fresh and hot, I understood the rave reviews. Sussy’s, I have to say, made a fabulous pizza.


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