312|365 Today’s To Do List (11/12/11)

While sipping my first cup of coffee this morning I made my to do list and I’ve done fairly well with completing it.  Here’s my list and the status of each one:

  • Paint the filing cabinet – done
  • Prepare the small chest of drawers for painting, buy paint and paint it — filled the holes, sanded, cleaned and painted the first coat of paint
  • Paint the kitchen cabinet doors — final coat on half of them, first coat on the remaining half is done
  • Grocery shopping – done
  • Buy various supplies at Home Depot – done
  • Take my photo of the day – done
  • Begin making a list of Christmas ideas- in progress
  • Research archiving this project365 — in progress
  • Research valance & curtain ideas for the lake — in progress
  • Finish ironing 36 yards of newly washed and horribly wrinkled muslin — after a total of 5 hours of ironing & buying a new iron, it is done.  The interesting part is I used my Grandma’s old ironing board that my uncle recently gave me.
  • Wash hardware for dresser & the file cabinets and prepare for painting — done.  I had to figure a way to spray the hardware that keeps my hands off of the hardware and allows them to dry without touching anything.  So, I attached the screws to the orange knobs then wrapped aluminum foil around the screws to create a handle and a stand.  I’ll spray them a bronze color later.

My sights today were on tasks but Keith enjoyed the sights at Cocoa Beach, Florida and shared this picture with me.


I didn’t get to a few things on my list like cleaning the flower beds or the house but there’s always tomorrow.


About kbea831

I love collecting family stories and photos.

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