299|365 Look In It, Look On It (10/30/11)

After finishing the painting in the living room at our lake place, Keith and I arranged the furniture in the living room & den.  When we open the doors the next time we go back it will be so delightful to have the place in order.

Before heading back home I took a few photos around the front yard there.  In the birdbath were several leaves submerged in the water and some floating on the water.  Depending on how I focused the camera’s lens, I could see the leaves in the water or I could see the reflection of trees above, where the leaves probably began their journey.


I changed the angle of the camera between these two photos but they still remind me of the old lady/young lady optical illusion used to demonstrate that our perceptions impact how and what we see and that we don’t always see things fully.  In fact, the meaning of something can change when we look at it differently, it is our perception that changes not the situation.


About kbea831

I love collecting family stories and photos.

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