278|365 I Don’t Like Spiders And… (10/9/11)

If you are creeped out too much by spiders I don’t recommend viewing this.  However, if you don’t know what a Brown Recluse Spider (aka fiddleback spider) looks like, here’s an example. They look fairly innocuous.


This one was inside the corner of the recently emptied drawer.  Keith placed that ‘pest control’ business card near it for perspective.  A bit ironic isn’t it?

Here’s a much closer view:


We saw at least 3 of these spiders this weekend at our lake place while we were cleaning.  We did many different things to eliminate them and to create less of an inviting place for them.

To leave you maybe with a little better feeling, here’s a link to a song I liked way back in 1973 titled “Spiders and Snakes” by Jim Stafford.  This is a different version with Jim Stafford and Dolly Parton.


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