252|365 Cigar Box (9/13/11)

When I visited either of my grandma’s homes, they often gave me something.  One such item I still have is a cigar box that my Grandma Brown gave me.  I really don’t remember how long I’ve had the box but I think I’ve had it since I was in junior high school in the early 1970’s.  I often used cigar boxes like this to hold my school supplies and, in fact, this one still has pens, pencils, ruler, paper clips, and more in it.


The image of the men on the lid has some texture to it, which made it difficult for me to photograph.


As I inspected the box I noticed that it has a revenue stamp on the back of it that says “Oklahoma Tobacco Tax $1.50”. The stamp also has the letters “DCL” in the design.  On a website I found photographs of two Oklahoma revenue stamps from the 1970’s that have a similar design to mine.  If the stamp on my box is from that same time period it fits my recollection of when I got it.

On ebay the same box is selling for $20.00.  I plan on keeping mine though it’s not in the best of condition.  I wish I would have treated mine a little better.


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