236|365 From The Heart… (8/28/11)

Facebook conversation today on my Mom’s wall:

Donna:  The foot rest on my recliner suffered a fatal blow; I just bought a new recliner and my daughter came with their pickup to get it to my house. The two of us [the majority on her part] got it in the house and set up. Now I’m all cozy again.

Mark: Any memorial service planned for the old recliner?

Donna: I sat with it for the last couple of weeks maintaining vigil over its last days and Kay helped me lay it to rest temporarily in the garage. Final resting place will then be determined by the Oklahoma City big trash department later in September. Thanks Mark for your concern and tender heart.

Barbara: So sad………..

Charlene : I just bought a new dishwasher, it’s sitting in the right spot in the kitchen, I’m dreaming of the day it’ll be installed………enjoy your new recliner, I’m almost permanently attached to mine, it grabs me and won’t let me go, not my fault!

Jeff: Was your old recliner caught sleeping on the job?

Mickey: Old recliners never die, they just fade away in the garage where you look at it every time you go to your car. I just keep repairing mine.

Donna:  Charlene, it sounds as if you should have opted for the auto-install option so as to be able to continue the relationship with your recliner. Jeff, it was an on-the-job injury that I was hoping would qualify for Worker’s Comp, but the patient died too son. Mickey, you know my garage too well! I talked to Kay about the reasonableness and cost-effectiveness of repairing it – obviously she is so burned out on furniture repair and refinishing she was not very encouraging regarding that option.

Keith: Thank you from the heart of my bottom


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