229|365 Started with Breakfast (8/21/11)


We all agreed to meet for breakfast at 9:00 am at Pelican’s Landing, a restaurant at Cedar Mills.  That meant that Keith and I had to be out our door by 8:20 am to allow time to boat over to the Texas side of the lake.  There was a bit more wind this morning but the ride was still pretty smooth.  We arrived first so while we waited I got my camera out and took photos of the sail boats, ducks and water. Within in a very short time the group of six turned the corner in their boat and taxied by all the sail boats to make their way to the courtesy mooring area.


The breakfast buffet was good with lots of expected foods plus they had some cherry crepes filled with cream cheese.  After breakfast Keith and I headed back to put the boat away.  When we got to our storage unit we noticed that the doors to ours were wide open.  Apparently, we forgot to shut them Friday when we got the boat out.  Thankfully, everything was untouched.

Next we packed up and, as usual, had to hunt for Purrkins who likes to hide when he figures out we’re headed home.  We think he really likes it there and wants to stay.  We found him hiding behind the futon, grabbed him and made our way home.

I’m happy to have a few hours to rest before bedtime and beginning another workweek.


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I love collecting family stories and photos.

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