228|365 Exciting Times (8/20/11)

Today was another full day at the lake with friends. We woke up early, had a nice breakfast of biscuits and gravy and then we hit the water. We spent the better part of the day on the water then had a rest before dinner, which was grilled burgers and sausage. I think the photo for today shows perfectly the fun not only this daughter and father had but all of us.

After dinner we went to a bar at the top of Tanglewood tower where the view was really beautiful especially as the sun was setting. By the time it was totally dark, Keith and I headed across the lake back to our place at Buncombe. The water was so smooth it was almost like hovering rather than boating. It was so dark, however, that driving took a lot of concentration. You never know if there might be a boat with it’s lights off or who knows what other surprises.


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I love collecting family stories and photos.

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