221|365 Orchids, Leis, Wedding (8/13/11)

We arrived for the wedding and when we sat at the table the gorgeous purple orchids and the fabulous scent of the tuberose greeted us.


Mom and Jean have been good friends since they were about 9 years old so of course we looked forward to attending Jean’s granddaughter’s wedding. As I understand it, all the decorations and planning were by Jean and her daughter and I think the photo gives you a perfect sample of the beauty we saw.

The mother of the bride had a maile lei and an orchid lei made of real leaves and flowers shipped from Hawaii and it was beautiful and much heavier than I might have thought it would be.

After the actual ceremony there was a full meal that was elaborate and delicious. The bride’s father is from Hawaii and he, along with a group he is in, performed some Hawaiian dances.

There was a DJ, music, dancing and a photo booth with lots of props to play with.  Two copies of each set of photos were made, one for the person to keep and one put into an album with a sentiment for the new couple.

It was a fun wedding that took lots of planning and it all paid off because it was very enjoyable and memorable.  Here’s the set of photos of Mom and me playing with the feather boas in the photo booth.


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