214|365 Happy Drawer Pulls (8/6/11)

We set our alarm for 5:15 am so we could go to a 100+ garage sale this morning.  I was so tired but hopeful it would be good.  When we got there it seemed as though there were only a few people with their wares and a few were just arriving!  Consequenlty, we didn’t stay long and didn’t buy anything.

Once we got home, we decided to make the best of the summer morning by sanding the chest of drawers.  Many hours later, we have now completed the sanding and staining of all of the drawers and one of the chests.  Unfortunately, one of the chests and its drawers didn’t take the stain very well so we may wind up having to paint it after all.  I sure hope not.

Yeterday I took all the drawer pulls off the chest of drawers and today Keith soaked them in amonia to clean them.  That cleaned the paint off of them as well.  Afterwards Keith spread them on the paper towel to dry and I couldn’t help myself so I arranged them. Interestingly, when I photographed them, I noticed that some of them look like a pairs of eyes and smiling mouths.  We have happy drawer pulls!  Now, if we can only have happy staining results tomorrow.


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