213|365 Bubble Glass (8/5/11)

Recently, my uncle Mickey purchased two bubble glass frames at a garage or estate sale and I bought them from him yesterday.  I want to take the existing photos out and enlarge some photos of my ancestors.  I’m not sure how to do it so that it will look similar to how they were done originally.

The photo today is the view looking from the top of one of the frames down.


This morning I went to garage sales with my uncle and aunt and within a few minutes we found an estate sale that had just what I was looking for: two chest of drawers & a vacuum cleaner.  It was somewhat overwhelming to go through the entire house but I bought a few other things there as did my uncle and aunt.  We continued on to other sales and each of us found a few other things of interest.

My uncle called me a while ago and told me that he found a little over $50 in coins inside one of the items he bought at that estate sale!  Inside the chest of drawers that I bought, I found 2 cents, a drawing and a newspaper clipping. Uncle Mickey definitely made out well.

Tonight, Keith and I are stripping the chest of drawers and are almost finished. These chests had the blond finish popular in the 1950’s applied to them and the wood is more of a surprise than I anticipated.


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I love collecting family stories and photos.

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