211|365 Where Is Everything? (8/3/11)

Keith decided he needed a space for a desk so we tried to buy an adjustable height table that matched the one we got on Sunday but they had already sold it.  So, we got a computer height desk with laminate that looks like wood and it has space for lots of cords and computer paraphernalia.  Since Keith needs the desk higher than I do he’s using the one we bought on Sunday and I’m using the one we got today.  Other than these tables/desks with the computer stuff it’s pretty vacant and it echos in the room.

Our cat is confused and seems to be wondering where everything is and is trying to figure out how to be near both of us. Today’s photo shows him laying near me in the middle of this mostly vacant room but looking toward the living room where Keith is.  He just wants to be near both of us at the same time.


Today was a cleaning and organizing day and I got the rolltop posted for sell on craigslist.  Kelsey came down and cleaned while I also did some deep cleaning, you know, the kind where you clean behind and the washer and dryer.  I found a towel, sock and hot pad holder in addition to lots of lint.


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