208|365 All White (7/31/11)

This morning I had some asprin with my coffee for my headache, which was undoubtedly due to the work we did yesterday.  Once Keith was up and had some coffee, we went to Home Depot and bought supplies to paint Travis’ room.  It’s been several years since we painted it and the walls really needed some minor repair in a few places.  Hopefully, we have the extra paint to patch Kelsey’s walls after the minor repair.

While at Home Depot I dropped a gallon of white paint and the top busted off spilling paint.  I picked up the bucket and put my hands on my face wondering how in the world I managed to do that.  Of course, that meant that I put paint on my face!  If it had to happen better on the concrete floor there than on our carpet.  Home Depot was very nice about the whole thing.

Keith finished one coat of Kilz in Travis’ room today so tomorrow I’ll paint some more.  We’ve chosen Cottage White for the room, it’s the same color we used recently in the dining room.

I have a really nice rolltop desk that is in my ‘office’, which is in the garage.  Unfortunately, it will not make it through the doorways around the hallway into either one of the kids’ rooms.  So, I’m going to sell it but need a replacement desk.  With that in mind, today I bought an adjustable table with a formica top that is my new desk.  I’ve got to get it all set up but I think it will really help me by offering plenty of space for all my equipment and be more ergonomic for me.

It’s been a slow paced day for us.  We had a nice dinner at Zorba’s Mediterranean Cuisine then came home and took a much needed nap, which I rarely do.

I have the week off of work so I’m looking forward to getting the house in order.
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