201|365 Satisfaction (7/24/11)


My morning began by opening yesterday’s mail, which included the family history from a Keithley cousin I’ve been expecting.  I made a cup of coffee and began reading it.  Soon Keith was awake and we carried the front door to the backyard where the morning shade was strong.

As Keith was preparing for his work, he discovered that we have two toads living in our backyard.  So, he turned the water faucet on to a slow drip and one of the toads loved it.  He got as close as possible and you could hear the water as it hit his body.  He continually moved to get all of his body wet and was mindful that I was watching him, actually take photos of him.

By mid morning the shade was gone in the backyard so Keith put up a canopy tent.  It was ridiculously hot out today, officially 104 but when I drove by a bank the sign said it was 108.  Keith took breaks regularly and had something cool to drink.  By late afternoon he had the door stripped, sanded, stained and hung back up until the next step in a few days.

I used our carpet steamer’s upholstery cleaning attachments to clean the chairs in our garage.  Oh my gosh, it was kind of scary to look at the water when I finished but I guess that means the equipment did a good job.

When I went out to water the flowers this evening I saw a baby toad trying to get into the spray of the water.  Then he saw a spider that was about the size of his head.  He turned his body and watched the spider for a couple of seconds and then super quickly, he lurched and got it!  I had to close my eyes.

I stained Cleopatra, the unknown chair, and decided to paint the inside of the pockets/drawers metallic gold.  It looks pretty cool.  When I started to paint the front inset gold the detail brush I have was shedding and made a mess.  I’ve got to figure out some other way to do that.

Keith and I get a great deal of satisfaction from accomplishing things.  I just couldn’t really decide on one photo today so I’m sharing several.


About kbea831

I love collecting family stories and photos.

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