194|365 Smooth Backs (7/17/11)

Finally the paint feels smooth on the chairs.  Keith bought a product called “Paint Easy” and added it to the Sherwin-Williams acrylic latex paint (toasty is the name of the color), then he painted before it got too hot outside.  I think the combination of all these things definitely made a positive difference.  Before the chairs were tacky to the touch and felt like sandpaper, which was just not okay.  We’ll sand them and put one more coat of paint on them.


Several years ago I bought Kelsey a chair at a thrift store for about $5.00 to use with her vanity.  It had some very dated vinyl upholstery on the seat and sides then Kelsey slightly burned the seat a few years ago when she layed her hot curling iron on it so the chair was in need of some TLC.  Yesterday, I took the upholstery off of it then today I re-covered the seat.  Also today, I stripped and sanded it.  Turns out it’s a quality piece of furniture with really nice wood.  The chair has storage under the seat which makes me think it was originally used with a sewing machine.  Now, I just need to choose the best stain to closely match her vanity.

Keith put another coat of the polyeurothane on the sewing machine cabinet and it’s looking really glossy and nice now.  One or two more of those coats and that project will be finished.  We’re going to clean the sewing machine itself, too.

Believe it our not, it seems there’s an endless list of things needing to be refinished or reupholstered around here.  I have one more item that I think I’ll tackle before I stop refinishing for a few years.


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