187|365 A Day At Home (7/10/11)


We began the day by sanding the chairs.  We think the primer must have dried almost before it hit the chairs because it felt like sand paper.  After sanding the chairs, Keith started to paint them but the paint was some weird color, not at all what we’d asked for.  So, we bought something else from the small selection of color.  Now, the chairs look good but we don’t like them with the table plus the paint isn’t very smooth to the touch.  Later this week we’ll buy a different and lighter color.  By applying another coat, we think it will help smooth the texture.

Throughout the day, Keith applied two more coats of polyurethane to the table and then reassembled it.  It looks so much nicer than it did and we’re quite pleased with it!

Keith took the sewing machine and hardware out of an old sewing cabinet that my Grandma gave Kelsey (read about the history and see before photos here: It’s Sew Time).  Then I took the cabinet pieces to a shady area in our front yard and began stripping it.  The stripping process didn’t do a very good job so it doesn’t look very good right now.  We’ll keep working on it and I’m sure the cabinet will eventually look better than when we started.

Finally, we had a nice meal that included grilled chicken and hamburgers thanks to Keith enduring the extreme temperatures.  He made lots so we have plenty to put in our refrigerator/freezer for another day.

(About the photos: I had a difficult time choosing photos today and some of them I didn’t take, Keith did.  Consequently, I used several to make one image for my photo of the day. The top left is in our garage/den where I’m sanding the chairs; top right Keith putting the last polyurethane coat on the table; bottom left me stripping the sewing cabinet; bottom right the table with a view of the very dark but nicely painted chair.)


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