185|365 Have A Seat (7/8/11)


This evening I started taking the black vinyl off the chairs seats that match the table we’re refinishing.  To my surprise the vinyl had been wrapped over what may have been the original fabric however, there were two different fabrics.  When I showed them to Keith he remembered at least one of them.  In the photo the chair on the left side has the same fabric under the vinyl as the chair on the right side but the middle chair has a different fabric and is slightly smaller than the other two.  Many years ago we had a fourth chair in the set that was a captain’s chair, with arms.  I’m sure at one time there were leaves to this table and probably a couple more chairs.  It all makes me wonder what sizes those other chairs were and which fabric were the seats covered in?

Keith is re-gluing the loose joints on the chairs so they won’t be as wobbly.  I’ll begin the reupholstering tomorrow.  I have enough leftover foam and fabric from a previous project to replace the foam on one chair and cover two.  I’m hoping that Truman’s Fabric & Foam Supply still has the fabric on hand so that I can buy enough for one chair.  I’m sure they’ll have the foam.  After I reupholster the seats, we’ll paint the chairs rather than stain them.

Two things of note today:  1)  I have completed 6 months of this Project365!  2)  Our replacement refrigerator arrived today and so far is cooling appropriately.  You may recall we bought a refrigerator (The Big Chill – May 31) then by June 15 the manufacturer had issued us a complete refund and we ordered another one (Get A Grip & Handle It).


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