176|365 Light in the Dark (6/29/11)


In searching for an idea for what image to capture, I fell back on the suggestions from the digital photography school theme for this week, which is lighting experimentation. I do not use a flash for 99% of my photos at this point mainly because I’m still trying to learn how to take photos with the various IOS and white balance, shutter speeds and f-stop settings.  So, tonight I played with only the lighting from my laptop screen and keyboard.

Looking at this photo reminds me of watching TV with my Grandma Billings.  In my home we watched TV with the lights on, I think, because we believed to watch it in the dark was bad on our eyes.  But my Grandma must not have believed it because she watched TV in the dark.  I never really thought about why before but when she was younger she went to the movie theater a lot so maybe she liked to simulate that experience.  To this day, if I’m somewhere watching TV in the dark, I have fond memories of my Grandma.


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I love collecting family stories and photos.

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