174|365 Roll ‘Em & Throw Them In The Pan (6/27/11)

After the nearly 4 hour meeting (yes, it was useful) in a freezing cold convention room, I sauntered during lunch via the Riverwalk shopping on my way back to my hotel.  Along the way, I bought some pralines for my family and my traditional Christmas ornament.  Also, I watched through the glass window at the Cafe Du Monde as they made the beignets.  The man pushed the dough through a machine that cut the dough and then he systematically picked the pieces up and tossed them into the hot grease.
I got back to the hotel with plenty of time to meet the shuttle.  The shuttle company told me I had to be picked up at 1:50 for 4:45 flight, which seemed like a lot of excess time but I was there.  Somehow the shuttle driver was expecting to pick up 2 people and I was the 3rd but he let me get on since I had my confirmation number.  Of course, that meant there was a problem by the time we picked up at the 4th hotel.  Somehow, it worked out because we were on our way.

The traffic on the highway was backed up because there was a large (maybe 15 feet x 5 feet) statue of a beer stein with its lid open laying across two lanes of traffic that must have fallen off of a truck moments before we arrived.  It did not appear to have caused any wrecks, thankfully.  If only I could have gotten that as my photo of the day.

At the security check point they pulled out my toiletry case and my empty computer bag and pulled me aside to go through them thoroughly. My small conditioner & toothpaste weren’t in a ziplock bag of liquids.  They’ve never required that before. Oh well, I still had plenty of time until my flights so I headed to my gate to wait.

About the time we were to begin boarding our flight at the New Orleans airport, they announced the delay.  They had to divert the plane I was going to be on due to the rain here.  They sent it to Baton Rouge to refuel. So, my flight that was scheduled to leave at 4:45 was rescheduled for 6:00 landing in DFW by 7:33. Boy, was I thankful for the long layover I planned at DFW because I wasn’t one of 50+ people who stood in line to get another connecting flight. My connecting flight wasn’t scheduled to leave until 9:10.

On the flight to DFW a man cut has hand pretty bad on a metal band in his briefcase. One flight attendant and 2 passengers helped to bandage him from his thumb to his elbow.  That took the bulk of time and the other flight attendant served the rest of us drinks and almost didn’t finish in time.

Once in Dallas, I had no more odd situations.  It was a long day that had some useful, interesting as well as frustrating moments.  Somehow, I lucked out by not having any greater inconvenience other than the layovers I knew I was going to have.  Now, I’m home and so ready to sleep in my own bed.


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