171|365 Ask Any Mermaid (6/24/11)


My flights were uneventful but the 3.5 hour layover and the hour shuttle to my hotel made for a long trip.

When I arrived, there was no room ready so I had to wait for a while. Finally, I got my room key and headed up. The moment I opened the door to my room the current guests yelled at me. It was a shock for all of us. So, I lugged all my stuff back down and told them the room they gave me was already occupied. It took them a while to figure out that there was someone else here who has a name similar to mine and then the hotel gave me a different room.

Once I unpacked I headed to the 29th floor where there is an outdoor pool and I sat outside with a group from work. The gentle breeze was very nice, which helped to minimize my fear of the height.

Then several of us went to Lucy’s Retired Surfers for drinks and dinner. Our drinks came with a miniature surf board or a mermaid, which we had fun posing.

We had a good time and stopped at Pinkberry for a frozen yogurt on our way back to the hotel.

I’m super tired but making sure to post a photo today.


About kbea831

I love collecting family stories and photos.

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