144|365 Always Right There (5/28/11)

Once we had all the furniture & other accessories out of the way with the drop cloth spread out on the carpet, Purrkins found his spot to supervise our painting…on the drop cloth!  Why is it that he chooses to always be right in the middle of where we need to be?  He looks so relaxed and is really enjoying the sun shining on his face.  Keith suggested using Purrkins as the roller sleeve.  Afterall, he is self-cleaning.  Ha!


By the time we actually started painting Travis joined in on the fun for a few hours.  Keith and I stopped for the day around 8:00 pm.  We completely finished the kitchen and got it all put back together as well as completed all the coats in the dining room.  Tomorrow we do the faux finish in the dining room.  For at least another day we have an empty dining room and get to walk around the dining room furniture that is now throughout the living room.

It was a good day’s work and I’m looking forward to seeing how this faux finish turns out.  I’m sure Purrkins will be right at our feet ‘helping’ us.


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  1. I’m anxious to see the finished result of all Purrkins’ supervising; as you know, supervising makes all the difference.


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