140|365 Sirens, Shelter & Safety (5/24/11)

Many places closed their businesses early due to the warning of severe weather so the traffic at 4:00 was ridiculous, worse than 5:00 traffic.  After spending well over an hour on the road getting home, the tornado sirens began going off soon after I arrived.  My daughter had taken cover in Edmond so I felt as at ease as was possible.  At home my husband, son, mother-in-law, her friend Pete, the cat and I were together and we spent about 45 minutes in our storm shelter.  It’s dark down there and initially we had only a tiny amount of light.  The weather stations warnings certainly gave great cause for concern and sitting in a dark hole in the ground can be daunting.


Travis found a box flashlights so we eventually had more light.  As we visited Pete, who is from Scotland, told us that it was his first time to be in a storm shelter.  While it’s not an experience that is on anyone’s ‘bucket list’ I am glad we had one to use and remain safe.


Our cat decided the little shelf in the shelter was the perfect spot for him to wait out the storm.  His eyes tell a lot, don’t you think?

Once we got out of the shelter I began contacting other family and learned everyone is fine.  My Mom’s power is out at her house so she’s staying at my place.


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