139|365 Sidewall Blowout (5/23/11)

As I walked back into my office, I learned that I had a flat tire!  A coworker observed that my car had a flat tire and left the message for me.  Great!

Instantly I remembered that about a block before getting to my parking garage this morning, I heard a sound of air rapidly being released immediately after I ran over what appeared to be a magazine or small pillow.  Since the handling felt the same I forgot about it…until I heard the message and knew which tire had to be flat.

Since my father insisted that I learn how to change a tire before I could get my driver’s license and since I’ve changed several, I thought I’d be okay as long as I could get the lug nuts off.  Lucky for me Stuart, another coworker, went with me and changed my tire.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Once the spare was on, I drove straight to the tire store where my tires are still under warranty.  Of course, the tire couldn’t be repaired since it was a sidewall blowout and they had to order the replacement.  I have no idea what exactly happened to cause this but I know that I did not hit a curb so this was from something else.


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