131|365 Beautiful Sunday (5/15/11)

For dinner Keith and Travis made Atomic Buffalo Turds (it’s the real name, google it), which are jalapenos stuffed with little smokies, filled with a cream cheese mix and wrapped in bacon.  People seem to like them but I can’t tolerate the heat from the jalapenos so I’ve never tasted them.


Well before dinner time when we were thinking about what to do today, Keith and I agreed to not use our 8 or so small flower pots this year but to purchase 3 large ones to use instead.  So, we bought 3 large glazed pots from Garden Ridge and also bought several annuals along with dirt, mulch and water crystals.  This afternoon I emptied all the old pots then filled and potted flowers in the new ones.  I like it much, much better.  Our place looks very manicured with these and the freshly mowed grass.

While I was potting, Keith took down one side of our fence that was loose.  Since our neighbor’s fence is only about 3 inches from ours, we still have a fence only now we are able to cut all the weeds and trees that were in between the 2 fences.  You may wonder why there were 2 fences back to back like that.  We put our fence up about 18 years ago and when the first owners of the house next door moved in they didn’t like looking at the back of our fence so they had their own fence put up.

During our time in the yard this afternoon our other neighbors came over and we visited with them for what is certainly one of our last visits.  They are moving to California this week and the movers start boxing tomorrow, then the van arrives Tuesday.  I’m happy for their new opportunities but we will miss them.

It was another beautiful Sunday.


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