130|365 Pink Again (5/14/11)

Not everyone is a list person, I am.  My morning began with writing my ‘to do’ list as I sipped a cup of coffee.  As the day progressed I completed several of the items and crossed them off my list.

This evening I picked up my camera and headed to the backyard to practice my photography (it was on the list).  The birds were very busy and loud so I found a safe spot and watched.  At one point there were two black birds and a grey one sitting on our fence when all of the sudden another big black bird swooped down and scared the other two black birds away.  With all the noise they made with flapping away, the grey bird remained steady on the fence.  Then the big black bird and the grey one just sat peacefully on the fence looking around until the black one flew away.  I got some photos of all these birds but my zoom isn’t strong enough so the birds are not really noticeable in the photo.  In some ways it’s odd that I would watch birds since I’m frightened by them.  For some reason, I find their behaviors fascinating to watch as long as I’m at a safe distance.


Eventually, I walked around the yard admiring the pretty blooms on our plants.  Every year our Anthony Waterer Spirea provides color making one corner of our yard pink again.  It’s blooms, with several shades of pink, are particularly striking set against the rich greens and this photo captured it nicely, I think.

I think my list has a few items calling me but I may ignore them.


About kbea831

I love collecting family stories and photos.

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