103|365 Humor Me (4/17/11)


Keith has a great sense of humor and he is constantly reading or watching something funny.  Often I’m reluctant to share humorous things with him because inevitably it’s old news by the time I see or hear it.  That’s because every day, among other things, he visits Internet sites that track humorous things.  You can tell by the way he’s positioned with his hands on top of his head and his smile that he’s getting his daily allotment of humor.

I set the custom white balance by following the instructions but I’m not quite sure if the results are right or if I just don’t care for them.  Our photography assignment is to set a custom white balance when taking a photo indoors by a lamp.  The color seems a bit wrong but then the lamp next to Keith has one of those energy efficient weird colored light bulbs in it.  Keith was such a good sport to let me take umpteen photos of him.  Humoring me, no doubt.

Of note today:  I obtained photos of four biological ancestors on my Dad’s side.  They are of my biological grandmother’s grandparents and my biological grandfather’s grandparents.


About kbea831

I love collecting family stories and photos.

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