100|365 Target Practice (4/14/11)

On this 100th day of my project 365, your job is to pretend that this is a great photo.  I just got home from a long day and am too tired to take another photo.  This one is from our photography class tonight, which makes it even more ironic that it’s a poorly focused photo.


We used our calibration target that has a third of it’s surface as black, gray or white so that we can set the white balance on a camera.  Our instructor held three of the calibration targets for us to focus on while she gave us instructions on how to use them.  We also learned a little bit about histograms.  This week we’ll be practicing setting a custom white balance.

In case you’re wondering about them, here’s a description of the calibration targets:

Loss of Highlight or Shadow detail is reduced or eliminated by the use of this 14″ Digital Target which has black, white & 18% gray panels that feedback through the camera’s histogram providing correct exposure with predictable results. Still large enough to fill the frame in most situations but folds to just 6 inches to allow carrying in your pocket or instant access when using with the included belt pouch slip case. Soft silver fabric on the backside creates an efficient reflective surface to open up the shadows. Created by photographer Ed Pierce, perfect for the Digital Image Maker both in the studio or on the go.


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