98|365 Don’t Touch That Dial (4/12/11)

How is it that I can have 55 recordings and who knows how many channels yet there’s nothing I want to watch?  I do love being able to record a show to watch later and fast forward through the commercials.  Yet, I remember as a child when the new issue of the TV Guide was delivered to our mailbox Mom and I would read through it noting what we wanted to watch each day during the week.  It was cool how comaraderie developed with others simply because we watched the same shows.  We had little choice on what to watch but I recall fondly many of those shows.  I knew all the words to the theme songs that went with the shows and the jingles of the commercials. Can you finish these?

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale…
They’re creepy and they’re kooky…
My bologna has a first name…
Here we come, walking down the street…
Winston tastes good…

I’m sure I could go on and on but I’ll stop.

It’s mind boggling to me that in my lifetime here’s how our viewing choices have grown:

1960s: 3 channels (all network)
1970s: Cable arrives (HBO, Turner). 10 channels.
1980s: VCR, cable (CNN, MTV): 40 channels.
1990s: Satellite; cable expands. 60 channels
2000s: Digital compression, Satellite, Internet/TV links: 300 channels
2010s: 1000+ channels, including interactive TV, movies, virtual reality.


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