95|365 Distinguishing Features (4/9/11)

After a restful night in Wichita Falls, mother and I woke up, ate breakfast and headed on to Frederick, a small town in southwestern Oklahoma.  Some of my great, great, great grandmother Nancy Sailing’s children lived there and are buried in the Frederick Memorial Cemetery.

Driving from Wichita Falls to Frederick you see miles of prarie land filled with operating oil derrecks, grasses waving in the wind and lots of cattle. The Frederick Cemetery is well cared for and is about a mile outside of the center of the small town. Though the office was closed, a helpful caretaker let us in and we were able to look at their records to precisely locate the specific graves we wanted to find.

As we walked the area, I observed some distinguishing features around this cemetery.  I was particularly fascinated with the nameless headstone made from 10 horseshoes (the symbolic meaning is protection against evil).  Other headstone designs ranged from concrete slabs with information carved in poor penmanship to the more elaborate.  Then rapidly running across the cemetery was a cute little critter with stripes and spots.  He stopped and made eye contact with us for several minutes and I was able to take his picture before he ran away.  We didn’t know what type of animal he was but after doing a search I discovered that he is a thirteeen-lined squirrel also known as the striped gopher and is the namesake of the University of Minnesota Gopher’s football team.


It was a good trip that was made better because I got to spend time with my Mom.  I’m home now and still have a day left to my weekend.


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