94|365 Busy Bees (4/8/11)

By 5:30 this morning Mom and I were on the road travelling to Gainesville, Texas to do some genealogy.  We visited the courthouse where we found my grandparents’ deed for the sale of their home but we couldn’t locate when they purchased it.  We visited the public library, which was pleasant though unproductive.

Next we drove south to Sliddel and then on to the Oaklawn Cemetery in Decatur, Texas where my great, great grandmother is buried (Nancy Buckner, Watson, Sailing nee Foster).  As we walked around Oaklawn Cemetery the scent from the prolific bluebonnets was sweet and the bees were busy buzzing all around going from flower to flower.  While watching the bees, I took the opportunity to work on my photography class homework.


We continued on to the Wise County Court house looking for more information on Nancy Sailing and her third husband, James, and came away with only a suggestion to go to the historical society.  The historical society staff was helpful but, again, did not yield any additional information on the Sailing family.

Our final destination for today is Wichita Falls, Texas.  Before settling in to our hotel for the night we drove to where we lived in 1969 & 1970 on a street named Bunny Run.  The house was blown away years ago by a tornado but I still recognize the neighborhood and the elementary school a few streets over.  My mind was as busy as those bees flittering from one memory to the next.


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I love collecting family stories and photos.

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